Getting Started

Q: What is Customer Fields?

Customer Fields is a Shopify app that allows merchants (that’s you) to collect unique customer information. With the app, you can create custom fields, build a custom registration and let your customers edit their own accounts. You can filter, export & import customer data to help you more efficiently organize your customers.

Q: How will Customer Fields help me?

Customer Fields is there to help you build a valuable customer database. This database can help you really get to know your customers. Go beyond just name and email and find out details that matter to you. With Customer Fields, you can create unique custom fields such as birthday, phone number or even shoe size. Once you’ve collected the data you need, you can use it for effective marketing, customer profiling, email campaigns and much more.

Q: How do I install Customer Fields?

You can install the app by heading to our installation page. The quick install will automatically add the form code to your theme: all you have to do is choose your theme (no manual work required). If you’d like to edit your theme’s code manually, you can follow these manual installation steps. If you’d like us to install the app code for you, reach out to us via chat or email. We’d be happy to make sure the installation is successful.

Q: I can’t see the registration form on my shop. Where is it?

If you installed with our quick install, the form will automatically install on your registration page (/account/register). You can find the registration template in your theme’s code > templates > file: customers/register.liquid.

If you’re not able to view your theme’s login, registration or account pages, your accounts may be set to disabled. To enable accounts, follow these few steps:

Creating Fields

Q: How do I create custom fields?

Follow these simple steps:

Q: I’ve created a custom field. What should I name the key?

You can name the key anything, but it should reflect your field label. See the following requirements:

We recommend using no spaces in the key. This isn’t required but it can cause various issues, such as if you plan to use metafields to display the fields elsewhere.

Q: How do I create a file upload field?

Q: How do I create a hidden field only accessible to me (the merchant)?

Q: How do I create a read-only text field?

We call these heading fields. Heading fields are useful for providing your customers with important information, such as form instructions or blocks of text customers can’t edit. You can also use heading fields to separate sections of your form.

Here’s how to create a heading field:

Q: I’ve created a heading field. How do I change the font?

Since headings are often useful for separating sections of your form, you might want to increase the font-size or make the text bold. With CSS, you can add a class to your heading field in the app > Fields > select the field > Field Options > Advanced > Field Class. Then, you’ll want to add this new class to your theme’s code. If you don’t feel comfortable with CSS, fear not. Reach out to us via chat or email and we’d be happy to make those changes for you.

Auto Tags

Q: How do auto tags work?

You can use auto tags to tag customers with unique values. These tags will automatically appear in Shopify once the form is submitted. There are two ways to use auto tags:

Q: How can I apply a tag to every customer who registers?

Notifications & Options

Q: I’m not receiving email notifications to my inbox. What might be wrong?

There are a few solutions to check:

Field Setup

Q: Can I rearrange the fields after I’ve created them?

Definitely. In the app, head to Fields. You can rearrange all fields by dragging & dropping. This change is reflected on the form your customers see.

Note: this change is not effective on the Customers page in the backend. We anticipate adding this feature in the future.

Q: My customers can’t edit their accounts. How do I enable this?

If you installed via our quick install, there should be an “Edit” link on your shop’s account page. By default, the link will be added directly by your Account Details header. You can verify this in your theme’s code > templates > open the file: customers/account.liquid > search for “edit.”

Still having trouble? Reach out to us via chat or email and we’d be happy to help.

Q: How do I make the form field styles match the rest of my theme?

If you chose quick install, the form should automatically install on your registration page. The styles should get carried over from your theme’s form styles. If your registration form’s field styles look different from your other form fields (such as on your shop’s login page), those styles may have to be manually added. Don’t feel comfortable with CSS? Reach out to us via chat or email and we’d be happy to help make your form look awesome.

Q: Can my form have multiple addresses?

Each address includes a total of 8 fields collectively (phone number, company, address line 1, address line 2, city, zip, state & country). Note that you can choose any combination of these address fields.

We don’t recommend creating multiple addresses in your Customer Fields form. This is because most Shopify themes already handle address management in the account profile. This feature already allows customers to add multiple addresses, as well as view & edit them.

Note that it is possible to create multiple address fields in Customer Fields; you will just have to manually create them if you’ve already used our default address fields for your first address. E.g. the key names must differ from the original address key names.

Q: How do I hide fields on registration, but make them available after sign-in?

You might want to create a field that isn’t visible on the registration form, but is available for customers to edit after registration. This is a great way to make your form simple & customer-friendly. By hiding some fields on registration, this gives your customers the option to add additional information later (after they’ve signed in).

Here’s how to create a hidden field: In the app, go to the Fields page. Select the desired field and this will open Field Options. Under Field Options, check “hide on registration.”


Q: If I pause my Shopify store, does that also disable customer accounts to be created via Customer Fields?

If you pause your Shopify store, this does not affect customer accounts. Customers will still be permitted to create accounts. This applies to both cases of having Customer Fields installed on your store versus not.

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