Liquid Installation

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Our app compiles all your customer data here. Whether it’s a new customer or one that has been with you from the very beginning, you will see them here; along with whatever preferences you have created for them.


In the fields section you can create numerous different kinds of fields to collect your customers' important and useful data. Whether you want them to input what city they are from, zip code, favorite color, favorite food, shirt size, etc. (the possibilities are endless!) you can create a field for that here.

To create a new field, click on the grey + button below the default fields.

Here you can select from the following: single line text, dropdown, radio, checkbox, phone number, and textarea. After you name the field, you can add it to your fields section. Once you have added it to your fields, you will want to set the field options. You can set the field options to be required, default or input placeholder text. Don't forget: you can click and drag the fields for how you want them to display on your shop.