Importing customer data

How to organize customer data within Shopify

Already have a database of customers outside of Customer Fields? Not a problem. This guide explores how to combine all your customer data into the Customer Fields app to improve organization. We've designed a simple, efficient way to import customers from a separate CSV file to make your life easier. Here's how:

1. First & foremost, be sure to have all fields completed in the Fields tab in the Customr app. Include all fields you will be importing as well as new information you're hoping to gather from future customers. It's important that you've successfully set up all your fields before importing.

2. Examine the CSV file you will be importing and remove any anomalies or mistakes. Make sure the first row of each column represents a field title (e.g. First Name, Last Name, e-mail, ect.). These field titles should match the fields you've created in Customr. If the fields in the CSV file do not have a corresponding field in Customr, that portion of the data will not successfully import. So triple-check to make sure you've created the fields you need.

3. Sweet, the CSV file is now ready for import. In the Customer Fields app, navigate to the Customers tab. Here you will see a grid of all your customer data. Select IMPORT, choose the desired CSV file, click UPLOAD.

4. Once you upload the file, you will match each field with the CSV column from your uploaded file. Skip those fields you'd like to ignore, and make sure every desired field is matched.

5. Select IMPORT CUSTOMERS and the importing process will begin.

*Customers that already exist in Customer Fields will be recognized and not imported. This way you do not end up with duplicates.

Superb job! ūüĎŹ You've successfully imported your customers. If you need assitance, feel free to drop us an email anytime at and we'd love to help.