Adding a birthday field

How to add a birthday field for customers in Shopify

It may be easier than you think to collect and use customer birthday information from Shopify. Our app allows you to customize a variety of birthday options, whether you want full birthdate (day, month, year) or just birthday year.

To create a birthday field:

1. Login to the Customer Fields app, select the Fields Tab. This page allows you to edit your field options and add new fields.

2. Select “+NEW FIELD” to create a new field and select the date tab.

3. In the date options, you can choose from the following:

When choosing the BIRTHDAY option, the keys are automatically set to birthday_day, birthday_month, and birthday_year (although you can change them if desired). You will have to create your own keys for the remaining options (DAY, MONTH, and YEAR).

4. Be sure to click SAVE once you’ve selected one of the date options.

Now that you’ve created your birthday fields, you can edit them to your preference.

To edit a field, simply click on the desired field and the field options will appear. From the field options, you can customize a variety of things; label, placeholder text, amount of days/months/years to choose from, and much more.

Here are some helpful hints for using field options:

Sweet, your birthday fields are successfully set up! 👍 Your next step might be getting that customer data. Not a problem; just be sure to check out getting customer data.